Hank on Food: Review

I’m always on the hunt for a great burger, and sometimes, great burger places find me. Buff Burger in Spring Branch off of I-10 & Wirt Road was one of those burger places that found me thanks to Twitter. Most of y’all know I’m very active on Twitter and I often discover new restaurants because Tweeps recommend them or because those restaurants reach out to me. I am always fond of burger joints that make efforts to provide great food in a conscientious manner: use of local ingredients as much as possible, as organic as is practical, and especially using cattle, pork, chicken and other meats where the animals have been raised healthily and happily. So it’s nice to see Buff Burger’s tagline of “Local. Natural. Sustainable.” in their media. Of course the question that all of us diners want to know is “Does the burger taste good or not?” Would I be writing about it if it didn’t?