Houstonia Magazine: A First Look at BuffBurger

The new Spring Branch burger joint specializes in all things natural and local.

PERSPECTIVE IS A FUNNY THING. In the moment, having just cut into the burger I’d been eagerly anticipating for lunch last week, I was disappointed to find that the patty was not the medium-rare I’d requested when the young woman behind the counter at BuffBurger asked me how I’d like my burger cooked. When you’re dealing with such high-quality meat as they do at BuffBurger—ground Angus beef from 44 Farms, easily some of the best beef being raised in Texas today—there’s not much reason to avoid medium-rare. And indeed, I wanted my patty as juicy as possible, the better to enjoy all that fine beef in its rich, rosy glory. I was disappointed to find it cooked to a standard well-done, however, and fired off a short Instagram post giving the new burger joint a hasty three out of five burger emojis, which is apparently the system I now employ to rashly judge places before I’ve really had time to contemplate my meal.